About Us

With experiences in manufacturing industry,


That mainly provides various chemical products across Malaysia. Recently, Onixem Resources has decided to expand the boundary by providing the excellent chemical products over Asia countries. We are desperately in providing good quality products with creative business ideas and our highly willingness negotiation for your best interest.

Onixem Industries is also a registered company providing Heavy Duty Cleaning product, General Cleaning Product and Solvent-based Cleaning product. Our primary objective is to be the market leader in providing cleaning products and M&E services in innovative way to ensure hygienic environment to the world.


Our vision is to be a modern and innovative company, a synonym for cleanliness in all households, tourist facilities, hospitals, medical institutions, public institutions and industrial plants. To offer top quality products and manufactures according to the environmental standards.


Our focus is on the continuous development and manufacture top quality products and efficient services, with the aim to earn and retain consumers trust while making their daily housekeeping and hygiene maintenance easier.

Research & Development

Our products are the result of the hard work and dedication of our team of experts, specialized in different fields, who constantly update the newest trends in order to develop products to meet customer’s needs. To make sure we keep our quality at the highest level, we have our own laboratory, responsible for monitoring each phase of the production process.